Mary Jo Buechler

Mary Jo Buechler

Associate Delivery Lead

Mary Jo’s innate curiosity and adventurous spirit have consistently led her to environments that are dynamic and evolving. That started in childhood when she devoted her energy to soccer and continues into young adulthood as she finds herself in the exciting world of software and technology.

Mary Jo is an Associate Delivery Lead and recent graduate from Grand Valley State University with a degree in supply chain management and project management. She also recently completed her Professional Scrum Master 1 certificate. Previously, she completed an array of diverse internships—in supply chain, finance, and merchandising roles—and has served as a local golf caddy where she builds strong relationships and valuable connections.

Mary Jo is grateful for the vibrant and collaborative nature of the MichiganLabs team culture, sharing that “MichiganLabs is the definition of an environment that meets my critical needs thriving in a role and belonging on a team.”

Outside of work and academic pursuits, Mary Jo's interests include golf, pickleball, and attending church. A dedicated CrossFit enthusiast, she continually challenges herself with new workouts. She also enjoys spending time with her dog and embracing her family's shared affection for Danny DeVito. You’ll have to ask her about that last one…

Personal interests
  • Golf
  • Pickleball
  • CrossFit
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