Get to Know MichiganLabs Series: Chris

October 26, 2015

This week, as part of our new series to “Get to Know MichiganLabs” we sat down and spoke with Chris Carr. Chris is a developer at Michigan Software Labs and provided us with a great overview of his interests and thoughts. Enjoy!

Chris, thanks for your time today. Why do you prefer Apple products over Android?

As an long-time Apple user (my father purchased a used Mac Plus in the 80s), I have always appreciated the integration between hardware and software that is Apple’s hallmark. In my opinion, better design and attention to detail provides better user experience, higher performance, and less support headaches. The same can be said of developing for iOS – UIKit and Cocoa Touch are well-designed and fun to code in (not that they’re perfect!).

Outside of technology, what are your other interests?

During the warm months I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and camping with my family. In the winter I try to get out and ski at least a couple times each year. I run an after school Coding Club at City High Middle school (where both my kids attend).

My first true love is music: I have been playing bass (electric and stand-up/double bass) since I was 12 and currently perform with the Thirsty Perch Blues Band and Razzbone (a new jazz fusion ensemble). One band I was a member of is now even moderately famous, Greensky Bluegrass.

Where do you see mobile technology going in 10 years?

Well, start out by looking back to where things were 10 years ago. The video iPod and iPod Nano had just come out and iTunes first started selling movies & TV shows. Now a device as powerful as computer from those days can fit in your pocket! So I foresee better, faster, and smaller devices. Will we laugh about using something like a phone in 2025 as we glance at our watch or 3D holographic headset?

Seems like the hip thing to say nowadays is the Internet of Things (IoT). I’m sure Internet connected toaster ovens and refrigerators will be commonplace, but more likely is autonomous vehicles & better device integration to regular cars, home automation, and enhanced entertainment systems. Starter versions of all those products exist today, e.g CarPlay & Android Auto, Apple’s HomeKit, Google Nest, Apple TVos & Occulus 3D.

Pictured below. Chris and his family with his daughter’s chicken, Nikita.

Chris and Family
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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