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Michigan Software Labs developed a mobile app that allows clients to easily submit documents. The app has a document imaging functionality and integrates with an internal enterprise document management system.



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ATBS is a business services company. They provide tax and accounting services, mostly to independent contractors in the trucking industries. This includes people who own their own trucks and operate either on their own authority or lease onto a fleet to operate under that fleet’s authority.

They have tens of thousands of clients, and they work with most major fleets across the country. They work with and help manage their independent contractor programs, so it’s all of the back-office work and keeping those clients in business and successful.

The quality of their service is extremely high. They’ve been fabulous to work with.




  • Product Strategy
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Business Outcomes
  • Integration Mapping


  • UX/UI Design
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Analytics and Monitoring

Business Outcomes (Annual Stats):

  • 1,851 users downloaded the app and clicked the sign-up button - assuming these are potential new customers that the app drove to ATBS
  • 14,187 calls that the app helped place to an ATBS consultant
  • 13,434 emails that the app helped place to an ATBS consultant
  • Over 450,000 receipts and documents submitted to ATBS through the app, saving time for ATBS manual processing physical copies or emailed copies
  • 19,751 users downloaded and opened the app over the year
  • 9,252 users logged in at least once

Source: Google Analytics

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